Victorian Rabbit Management Collaboration Initiative

VicRabbitInitiative_coverAs part of ongoing efforts to manage the damage caused by rabbits, the Victorian Rabbit Management Collaboration Initiative (Initiative) is to commence in October 2014. The Initiative is the result of a collaborative project between the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (IA CRC) and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), Victoria.

The Initiative will support community-led action for more sustainable and effective rabbit management in Victoria. The Initiative recognises the importance of all land holders, land managers and groups with rabbit management responsibilities to coordinate their effort around clear short and longer-term goals; that this already occurs in many communities across Victoria; and the considerable community, industry and government interest to further support and enable community leadership and action on rabbits.

The Initiative will roll out six strategies that target skills, learning and network development and community-based innovation.

The Initiative will support pro-active groups to work together to plan, resource, and coordinate their effort towards more sustainable and effective rabbit management. The strategies are:

  1. A 12 month training, mentoring and learning network program to develop the next generation of rabbit management experts, with trainees from all regions of Victoria.
  2. A small grants and workshop program to improve coordination across groups involved in rabbit management, including mapping and networking capability.
  3. Support for Blackberry Action Groups in Victoria to extend their focus to rabbits.
  4. Facilitation of opportunities to improve warren ripping quality assurance.
  5. Facilitation of opportunities to better understand and target funding flows for more effective community-led action on rabbits.
  6. Promotion of stories that communicate what can be achieved through community-led action on rabbits.
Secondary title PestSmart
Author Lisa Adams
Date 28/10/2014
Year 2014
Publisher Invasive Animals CRC
Institution Invasive Animals CRC
Pages 31
ISBN/ISSN Web ISBN: 978-1-921777-80-6
Region VIC

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