Counting the cost: impact of invasive animals in Australia, 2004

Feral animals cost Australia in excess of $720 million per year. They cause catastrophic damage and threaten our landscape, agriculture and industries. This report estimates the economic, environmental and social impacts of 11 introduced pest animal species (fox, feral cats, rabbit, feral pigs, wild dogs, mice, carp, feral goats, cane toads, wild horses and camels). Impacts of kangaroos are also discussed. The estimates in the report are conservative and there are many other impacts of feral animals impossible to put a dollar figure on. The report was commissioned by The Pest Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre (PAC CRC) and prepared by Dr. Ross McLeod of eSYS Development.

Author McLeod, R
Date null
Year 2004
Place published City
Publisher CRC for Pest Animal Control
Pages 70
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Region Australia - national