Evaluation of repellents to prevent possum browsing

Six predator odours, 2 proprietary repellents containing bitter ingredients, olive oil in petroleum jelly, and synthetic fermented egg were applied to seedlings of Pinus radiata in possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) pens in New Zealand. The amount of foliage left unbrowsed was assessed daily and compared with that on control seedlings treated with Treepel, a moderately effective egg-based repellent already on the market. Compounds found to be equally or more effective than Treepel were 5 mustelid predator odours, a repellent containing Bitrex, and synthetic fermented egg

Author D. R. Morgan and A. D. Woolhouse
Year 1993
Secondary title Forty Sixth New Zealand Plant Protection Conferenc
Place published Christchurch
Publisher New Zealand Plant Protection Society, Rotorua, New
Pages 302-306