Freshwater Pests

Alien fish species are fish that have been introduced from another country and now live in the wild in NSW waters. They were introduced either accidentally (eg weatherloach, which was released from aquariums) or for a specific purpose, for example to provide recreational fishing opportunities (eg trout), or to assist with pest control (eg mosquito fish).

There are 11 alien fish species currently listed as occurring in NSW freshwater systems – common carp, redfin perch, mosquito fish, goldfish, tench, oriental weatherloach, yellowfin goby, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and Atlantic salmon. The last four species form the basis of valuable sport fisheries and are generally regarded as beneficial introductions. Others, for example carp, are widely regarded as pest fish.

This fishnote outlines the problems caused by redfin perch, mosquito fish and goldfish.

Author NSW Department of Primary Industries
Date null
Year 2001
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries
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Region NSW