Game hunting in Victoria: Hound hunting test

Any hunter wishing to hunt Sambar Deer with the aid of scent-trailing hounds must have a Game Licence that authorises the use of hounds. This applies to all existing and new Victorian, interstate and international hunters wishing to hunt Sambar Deer with scent-trailing hounds.

Prior to applying for a Game Licence to hunt with hounds, you need to pass the Hound Hunting Test. This test will ensure that all hound hunters are aware of their legal, ethical and safety requirements when hunting. All applicants must be at least 12 years of age.

The following document provides information on the test format, how to apply for the test and other important information relevent to the test program.

Author Department of Environment and Sustainability, VIC
Date null
Year 2005
Publisher Department of Primary Industries, VIC
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Region VIC