Grazing patterns of Pantaneiro horses. An element of adaptability to the Pantanal region, Brazil

Seasonal foods and habitat use of Pantaneiro horses were determined in two Pantanal subregions: Nhecolandia (March 1990 to February 1991) and Abobral (December 1993 to October 1995). In both sub-regions, a direct pasture observation method was used in two daily sessions (morning and afternoon). The forage plants eaten and habitat occupied by animals were recorded every five minutes. Habitat use for feeding was determined using the percentage of all observations which were recorded in the landscape unit ‘i’ (Ui). Pantaneiro horses exhibited a selective grazing habit which varied seasonally and spatially. This must be taken into consideration for range and breed management and conservation strategies. The herd was apparently healthy during all study period, indicating adaptability to the Pantanal rangeland.

Author S. A. Santos, S. M. A. Crispim, A. C. Soares, R. A. Mauro, M. Pereira and J. R. B. Sereno
Year 2002
Secondary title Archivos de Zootecnia
Volume 51
Pages 129-138