Indicator: Pest animals

Pest animals remain a potentially significant threat to biodiversity in the ACT despite measures for their control and management. The ACT Vertebrate Pest Management Strategy (2002) forms the basis for vertebrate pest control in the ACT.

Fox and rabbit numbers appear to be toward the lower end of their historical range; deer, pigs and goats are present in low numbers; small numbers of horses have been active on the boundary of Namadgi National Park; wild dogs have required ongoing control; and there are new populations of the Oriental Weatherloach.

The European Wasp and Common Myna have become more firmly established. An innovative trapping trial is underway for the latter. In response to increased road collisions with kangaroos, the Government initiated a driver awareness campaign (?Give Kangaroos a Brake?) in 2002.

Author ACT Commissioner for the Environment
Date null
Year 2003
Publisher ACT Government
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Region ACT