Industry opinions and development issues relating to feral goats

Feral goats are the major source of Australian-produced goat meat and associated by-products. Commercial harvesting is also the main method of controlling Australia’s feral goat populations. A qualitative survey of seven major processor/exporters found that these organisations believe that there are insufficient goats available to meet strong overseas demand, that Australia should manage its feral goats as a resource as well as a pest, and that Asian markets have the greatest potential. Subsequent in-market investigations in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore indicated that feral goat meat sells in these markets at a premium over mutton and at similar prices to lamb, but at a major discount compared to local goat products. Importers believe that failure to meet product specifications is a contributing factor. The paper discusses the effects on industry development of a perceived lack of industry legitimacy that stems from feral goats being regarded as a pest rather than a resource. The study also identifies some commercially focused R&D priorities.

Author Elliott, T. K. and Woodford, K. B.
Date null
Year 1998
Secondary title Australian Agribusiness Review
Volume 6
Number paper 1
Place published City
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ISBN/ISSN ISSN 1442-6951
Control method Harvest
Region Australia - national