Inference on the host status of ferral ferrets (Mustela furo) in New Zealand for Mycobacterium bovis infection

This study investigated the host status of feral ferrets for (Myobcobacterium bovis) the aetiological agent for bovine tuberculosis. Oral transmission, related to the diet of the ferret, was found to best approximate how (M. bovis) was transmitted to ferrets. Transmission of (M. bovis) occurred from both brush tailed possums and ferrets. The estimated threshold population density for disease establishment in a ferret population was 2.7 ferrets / sq km. Below this level they function as spill-over hosts for the disease.

Author Caley, Peter
Date null
Thesis type PhD
Year 2001
Secondary title Applied Ecology Research Group
Place published City
Publisher University of Canberra
Notes Notes
Region NZ