Influence of the spleen on blood volume and haematocrit in the brush-tailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Unusually heavy rodent interference with apple-baited live-traps set for brush-tailed possums (<Trichosurus vulpecula> Kerr) in a 15-year-old stand prompted an attempt to reduce the local rodent population by snap-trapping. Twenty-two ship rats ( L.) were caught in 192 trap-nights in late July 1975 and seventeen of them were collected for autopsy. Stomach contents consisted largely of invertebrate remains, with lepidopteran larvae, wetas (Rhaphidophoridae) and bibionid larvae predominating

Author Dawson, T.J.; Denny, M.J.S.
Year 1968
Secondary title Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 16
Number 4
Pages 167-170