Judas Workshop

The use of radio collared (judas) animals in New Zealand nearly a decade ago placed a new and effective tool in the hands of people involved in goat control. Efficient use of judas techniques has lead to more effective tracking, reduced hunting costs, lower populations and better understanding of the pests.

In 2001, Biodiversity funding was made available for a judas animal workshop to be hosted by Otago Conservancy. This was to provide a forum to share knowledge, discuss best practice and explore new developments relating to the use of judas pest control methods.

This report outlines the proceedings of this workshop. It aims to bring together as much information about the use of radio telemetry for animal pest control from the workshop as possible.

Author Janet Gregory, Bruce Kyle, and Marcus Simons
Date 01/11/2002
Year 2002
Secondary title Proceedings of a workshop on the use of radio telemetry for animal pest control.
Place published Conference Location
Publisher NZ Department of Conservation
Notes Notes
Region NZ