Kakadu National Park Plan of Management

The Plan of Management is presented in two parts.

The first part is a ‘Description of Kakadu National Park’. This provides background to the establishment of the park and the joint management arrangement with Aboriginal traditional owners, the role of the Plan of Management and information on the importance of Kakadu to different people. This section also outlines the guiding principles that are used in making decisions about the park.

The second and main part is ‘A Plan of Management in respect of Kakadu National Park’. This is the formal part of the Plan that sets out how the park will be managed. In this part there are a number of sections that relate to particular park management issues. Each section includes:

* some background information;
* a description of the management issues that have to be considered;
* a statement of the management aims; and
* the actions that will form the basis for management.

Author Kakadu Board of Management and Parks Australia
Date 03/01/1999
Year 1998
Publisher Commonwealth of Australia
Department Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Pages 234
Notes Notes
Region NT
Links https://www.environment.gov.au/parks/publications/kakadu-pom.html