Live import list

Plant and animal specimens considered to be suitable for live import into Australia are listed in the live import list. Live specimens or reproductive material may only be imported if they appear on the live import list.

This compilation was prepared on 26/05/14 taking into account amendments up to Amendment – List of specimens taken to be suitable for live import (02/05/2014)
Prepared by the Department of the Environment.

The live import list consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 contains specimens that can be brought into Australia without a permit from the federal environment department.
  • Part 2 contains specimens that require a permit from the department before being permitted for import into Australia. Conditions and restrictions may be imposed on any imports of these specimens.

If a specimen is included on the live import list it can be imported as either a whole organism or as reproductive material.

If a live specimen is not included on one of the lists then the specimen cannot be imported.

Be aware that you may also require permits from other government departments before being permitted to import a live plant or animal into Australia.

Secondary title List of specimens taken to be suitable for live import
Author Department of the Environment
Date 26/05/2014
Year 2014
Publisher Department of the Environment
Pages 42

List of Specimens taken to be Suitable for Live Import   [900 kb PDF]