Mallee Recovery project

Pictured: Malleefowl on a nesting mound in the study area. Credit: Jason Wishart

Pest management for conservation of endangered Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) populations near Mt Hope, New South Wales

foxes Project description:
Mallee Recovery is an Invasive Animals Ltd led Biodiversity fund project that aims to reduce the impacts of invasive species on endangered malleefowl populations near Mount Hope, New South Wales.  The project builds directly on early work undertaken by the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (now Western local Lands Services) and links with predator management being undertaken on adjoining nature reserves.

Mallee Recovery initially focused on several core properties, where the largest tracts of remnant mallee habitat existed. We have now attracted the involvement of all surrounding landholders, which has increased the predator control area to over 500,000 hectares. This essentially provides a buffer around the core mallee habitat, and offers even greater benefits to the areas biodiversity and agriculture.

Twaterpoint_traphe project also enables us to use newly developed pest control products such as the HOGHOPPER®, and provides an ideal testing ground for emerging innovations including sodium nitrite feral pig baits and multi-purpose water-point traps for feral pigs and feral goats.

Aerial surveys have revealed over 50 active Malleefowl mounds in the project area and we hope that future aerial surveys will show a stable or increasing breeding population, particularly with the considerable effort that has gone into broad-scale pest control.
Our biggest challenge now is securing ongoing funding, so the benefits of everyone’s hard work can be realised and we can see recovery of malleefowl in the area.

Project Officer, Jason Wishart talks about this important project that also involves local landholders. (Video production by DigitalFarmTV).

Project team:
Jason Wishart, Stuart Brown, Simon Humphrys, Paul Meek, David Creeper, Robynne Wells-Budd, Milton Lewis, Michelle Hines, Marc Irvin, Laura Douglas, Jessica Marsh and many private landholders.

Project partners:
Invasive Animals Ltd, Western Local Lands Services, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Office of Environment and Heritage.

Jason Wishart
Invasive Animals Ltd
Phone: 0409 385 461

Author Invasive Animals CRC
Year 2015
Publisher Invasive Animals CRC
Pages 1
Region NSW
Documents PestSmart Factsheet: Mallee Recovery Project [ 215kb PDF ]
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