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ipad app 2015FeralScan pest mapping App

FeralScan is a free resource for farmers, landholders, pest controllers and the community to map sightings of pest animals, record the damage they cause, and document or plan control activities in their local area.

FeralScan exists as a website (, mobile website and a dedicated App (iOS Apple and Android). Use your Smartphone or tablet to record and update information about pest animals in the field, whether you are connected or disconnected to the internet.

The App can be used to record pests, navigate to locations, and record where you undertake control actions. Your pest data can then be examined more closely on the full website, where you can print maps, and use the data to guide management decisions.

Download the App:
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For more information, check out the website – or contact Peter West on (02) 6391 3887 or E-mail 

AppIcon14pxField Guide to Pest Animals of Australia

Mobile phone and iPad users can now access the latest information about Australia’s pest animals via the new Field Guide to Pest Animals App.

Developed by the Invasive Animals CRC, this App contains species profiles for 53 of Australia’s worst pest animals, including: species descriptions, photo galleries, footprints, audio calls, maps, control techniques, quick links to plenty of pest control resources.

The App is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It is hoped we will be able to extend to Android devices in the near future.

Download the App from the Apple Store:
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Last updated: February 27, 2018

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