Mouse plague survival guide for rural lands protection board staff

In late July 1999, a landholder phoned his local RLPB saying that he had finally worked out what was knocking the pods off his very healthy canola crop. After various agronomists had looked and suggesting it may be anything from bugs to some new disease some bright spark said it might be MICE!! And so it was. This started what was to become a very large and expensive program not only for landholders but also for Rural Lands Protection Boards.

Now that the dust has settled and after various post-mortems it was suggested a “Best Practice Guide” be put together from all Boards’ experienced, good and bad, from the 1999 mouse plague. It would be compiled by RLPB staff as a guide on how to set up and handle the next plague. What follows is a result of that decision.

This guide is not law or the be-all and end-all of mouse control but a basic, easy to read outline of what seemed to work in the 1999 plague and a guide for new or used Rangers, Office staff and Boards to refer to if they feel the need. This guide only aims at helping you get through a “mouse event”, not make you an expert on mouse numbers, activity, monitoring, breeding etc…Good luck!!

Author Walsh, A., Oliver, S. and Croft, D.
Date null
Year 2005
Place published City
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries
Pages 18
Notes Notes
Region NSW


Mouse plague survival guide for rural lands protection board staff   [600kb PDF]