Mustering and Trapping of Feral Goats in the Meekatharra District

There are currently an estimated one million feral goats in the Arid Pastoral Region, an area that supports approximately 2.2 million sheep. To eradicate feral goats would be to effectively reduce grazing pressure on our rangelands by one third. By making the yards available to all members, the aim is to encourage year-round removal of goats from all infested areas on stations, not just those that are easily mustered during dry periods. The goal is to eradicate goats from the district by 1995.
Yards will be used for mustering in winter months and trapping in dry or summer months to assist pastoralists in the eradication of feral goats. Reports will be made to the committee on numbers and success to techniques used.

Author Meekatharra Land Conservation District
Year 1991
Volume 01/01/1991 - 01/01/1992
Control method Trapping
Region WA