Outbreak: National pest and disease outbreaks

The Outbreak website (www.outbreak.gov.au/) was developed collaboratively across state and territory and Australian government agricultural agencies. We aim to provide a website through which stakeholders can find access to local, state and national information about Australian responses to current outbreaks of animal (including aquatic), plant and marine pests and diseases. 

Outbreak only reports on pests and diseases that are exotic to Australia, and are under national cost-shared eradication programs. If a pest or disease is considered endemic (established) in Australia or is deemed not eradicable, information about the particular pest or disease will be available from the department of primary industries or agriculture in the state or territory where the outbreak occurred.

This website is hosted and managed by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The website’s content is provided in consultation with the Biosecurity Incident National Communication Network (NCN).

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