Possum Control Decision Support System

A web-based Decision Support System developed specifically for the Animal Health Board (NZ). Relevant to all possum control, particularly Tb.

This Decision Support System has four components:
Query: assists users to select the most appropriate control tools based on the operational information you provide. Supporting information is provided explaining why specific operational information is asked for, along with information on best-practice application of the recommended methods.

Vector Manager and Control Contractor Checklists: prompt the users to check that they have considered all critical constraints of a possum control operation, and provides a checklist that can be stored or printed for future review.

Best Practice Information Index: This component provides up-to-date best-practice information on all aspects of possum control.

Author Landcare Research NZ
Date null
Year 2005
Notes Notes
Region NZ
Links https://possumdss.landcareresearch.co.nz/