Recommendations from coyote management study tour with US Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services, Utah, October 2002.

To enhance the current management practices relating to wild dogs and foxes within NSW and the adjoining ACT two members of the Brindabella/Wee Jasper Wild Dog/Fox working group visited the United States to observe and learn additional techniques and approaches to predator management from counterparts involved in coyote and wolf management in the state of Utah. The visit was undertaken by a Ranger from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and a Field Specialist (trapper) from the Yass Rural Lands Protection Board for a period of 5 weeks over October/November 2002. During this time an extensive range of field and research work was undertaken with the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Field work undertaken during the study tour focussed upon coyote management methods including lethal and non lethal control and current research techniques for the mitigation of coyote impacts upon domestic stock. During the study tour numerous methods of coyote control were observed which have potential for application under Australian conditions.

Although research facilities and resources in the US far outweigh current capabilities within Australian pest management agencies, opportunities still exist where effective links between researchers and field staff can be fostered. The opportunity to observe the results of effective field techniques linked with innovative, well resourced and field driven research has provided an opportunity to further enhance wild dog and fox management capabilities in rural NSW and Australia.

Author Rob Hunt & Andrew McDougall
Year 2002
Institution NSW NPWS
Pages 18
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