Research directions for humane burrow fumigation and 1080 predator baiting

Where the humaneness of a control technique cannot be resolved in a manner which receives universal concordance, a strategic approach which aims to address the “possibility” of pain may have overwhelming advantages in making the practice more acceptable to welfare proponents. A resulting increase in community acceptance may see greater use and subsequent ecological benefit from more active control of vertebrate pests. This paper aims to briefly examine the practices of burrow/warren fumigation and 1080 predator baiting and suggests research directions that address both welfare and efficacy concerns.

Author Marks, C.A.
Date 27/03/1996
Year 1996
Secondary title Humaneness and Vertebrate Pest Control: Proceedings of the Seminar held 27th March 1996
Place published City
Publisher Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Pages 50-57
Notes Notes
Control method Fumigation
Region VIC