Scientific, Economic and Social Issues of Commercial Use of Wild Animals in Australia

The sustainable use of some species of wildlife is being promoted as a means of conserving natural environments and arresting land degradation on agricultural lands in Australia.
Commercial use of wildlife potentially promotes conservation by providing landholders with incentive and economic ability to maintain wildlife habitat and engage in more sustainable agricultural production. Commercial harvesting may also provide a cost-effective mechanism of reducing the impact of introduced wildlife and overabundant native wildlife.

This publication reviews the suite of ecological and economic factors which influence the sustainability of wildlife harvesting and the capacity of wildlife harvesting to promote more sustainable land use.

Author Choquenot, D., Caughley, J., and McLeod, S.
Date null
Year 1998
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Resource Sciences
Pages 71
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ISBN/ISSN 0 642 28385 0
Control method Harvest
Region Australia - national