The role of research for integrated management of invasive species, invaded landscapes and communities

Invaded landscapes and ecosystems are composed of multiple interacting networks and feed-back loops, sometimes leading to unexpected effects of management actions. In order to plan management for invaded systems we need to explicitly consider management goals before putting actions in place. Actions taken must be justified in terms of their amelioration of impacts of invaders, contribution to the management goals and the costs incurred.

This Special Profile brings together papers on the management of invasive plants, transgenes, animals and diseases, leading to conclusions with clear policy and management relevance and contributing to some of the hottest current topics in invasion ecology: unexpected impacts of invaders, restoration of invasion resistance, distribution mapping, spatial epidemiology, escape of transgenes, community interactions and complex effects of management.

Author Yvonne M. Buckley
Date 19/03/2008
Year 2008
Secondary title Journal of Applied Ecology
Volume 45
Number 2
Pages 397-402
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN doi:10.1111/j.1365-2664.2008.01471.x