The Sensitivity of Australian Animals to 1080 Poison VI.* Bandicoots

Bandicoots are more tolerant to 1080 poison than are most other mammals in eastern Australia.

LD50S obtained for Isoodon obesulus, Perameles nasuta and P. gunni ranged from c. 5.4 to 7.7 mg kg-‘. Signs of poisoning observed were typical of those for insectivores and carnivores and first appeared at from 2 h to over 7 days after administration ofthe 1080. Deaths occurred from 4 h to almost 9 days after dosing. To obtain a median lethal dose of L D50 individuals of each species of bandicoot tested would have to eat more 1080 than all the common target pests except the pig. Theoretically, they are capable ofdoing this if the baits are poisoned carrots or pellets intended for herbivore pests or meat baits intended for pigs. Only meat baits intended for dingoes do not appear to pose a serious hazard.

Author McIlroy, J. C.
Date 10/10/2005
Year 1983
Secondary title Australian Wildlife Research
Volume 10
Pages 507-512
Notes Notes
Control method 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate)
Region Australia - national
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