A triple bottom line analysis of returns on investment in wild dog management

Principal contact:  Bertie Hennecke, ABARES. Bertie.hennecke@agriculture.gov.au

Project objectives:

The project incorporates the triple bottom line approach including – economic, environmental, and social values in a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) framework.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • quantitatively evaluate the economic, environmental and social impacts of wild dog management
  • assess the costs and benefits of investing in wild dog management to prioritise future investments in management of this pest.

The project report An integrated assessment of the impact of wild dogs in Australia can be found on the ABARES website.

This project was funded under the Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP).
For more APARP projects, visit: www.pestsmart.org.au/australian-pest-animal-research-program/

Secondary title APARP Report
Region Australia - national