Uptake Update 1. 10.U.1 WA Demonstration Site

The WA demonstration site is a collaboration between the WA Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC) and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC).
The project aims to investigate the relationships between introduced predators (mainly fox & cat) and various native species in 1080 baited and unbaited areas.
The project will enable the trial of new technologies as they are developed by the IA CRC and DEC, specifically baits for canid and cat control.
The Demonstration Site will encompass four subprojects, covering four Biogeographical
(IBRA) Regions including the Mallee, Jarrah Forest, Avon Wheatbelt and Yalgoo.
Findings from the project will provide managers with a better understanding of the
implications of controlling or not controlling one or more predators and the importance
and value of integrated control. The project will lead to a refinement of ?best
practice? introduced predator management and to an improved level of understanding of predator interactions and will result in better ?on ground? management of introduced

Author Invasive Animals CRC
Date null
Year 2007
Institution Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Department Uptake Program
Pages 4
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Region WA
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