Variation in the ecology of Trichosurus: its adaptive significance

Although the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) was introduced to New Zealand over 100 years ago to establish a fur industry, its subsequent abundance, especially in indigenous broadleaf/podocarp forests, has had detrimental consequences. This review outlines the damage caused by possums and the development of a control-oriented management policy. Research on population dynamics, behaviour, and diet that is pertinent to management concerns is then discussed. Population studies show brushtail possums mature earlier and ha

Author J. A. Kerle
Secondary Author A. P. Smith and I. D. Hume
Year 1984
Secondary title Possums and Gliders
Place published Chipping Norton, N.S.W.
Publisher Surrey Beatty & Sons and Australian Mammal Society
Pages 115-128