Vertebrate Pesticides: An Australian Guide

Lead researcher: Glen Saunders, Department of Primary Industries NSW,

PesticidesReview_coverThe management of vertebrate pests in Australia relies heavily on the use of a variety of pesticides. Research on the chemistry, toxicology, delivery and efficacy of these compounds is ongoing and usually published in a manner which is not easily accessed or understood by end-users. Currently there is not a single source of information on this topic that is relevant and current. This project has fulfilled its aim to produce a publication containing relevant information on all the currently registered vertebrate pesticides in Australia (see attached final draft copy). The information presented includes the physical and chemical properties, usage, mode of action, symptoms, antidotes, user safety, environmental risks and non-target risks including potential primary and secondary poisoning.

This project has produced a publication with a consistent style and coverage of information that will be an extremely useful reference for a wide range of researchers and end users of vertebrate pesticides in Australia. The publication will also provide a key reference to emergency managers, policy makers and industry groups about the safety and efficacy of currently registered vertebrate pesticides.

As part of the increasing awareness of welfare, ethics and efficacy issues in vertebrate pest management practices in Australia, vertebrate pesticides have come under increasing public scrutiny. This publication would provide a significant contribution to the public accountability of vertebrate pest management by demonstrating the depth of knowledge which applies to the registration and use patterns of vertebrate pesticides in Australia.

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This project was funded under the Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP).
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Secondary title APARP Report
Author Lynette McLeod & Glen Saunders
Year 2013
Publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries
Pages 176
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 978 1 74256 546 0
Control method Poison / Toxin
Region Australia - national

Pesticides used in the Management of Vertebrate Pests in Australia: A Review [ 1.9 Mb PDF ]