19-OH-prostaglandin F in the semen and prostate gland of marsupials

Femur marrow samples from 34 brushtail possums, Trichosurus vulpecula, comprised water, fat and non-fat residue. Both water and fat, and residue and fat, were linearly and inversely related. Except at low fat levels, the residue was generally less than 8% of the wet weight of marrow. Dry weight of marrow thus approximated the weight of fat in the marrow. The dry weight estimate of fat content could be corrected by subtracting the average residue weight for that fat level from the dry weight. Such corrected dry weights adequately measured femur fat content at all fat levels likely to be met in natural populations. The results paralleled those found in ungulates. The technique is probably applicable to a wide range of marsupials.

Author Marley, P.B.; Selley, M.L.; Duffield, A.M.; Rodger, J.C.; White, I.G.
Year 1977
Secondary title Theriogenology
Volume 8
Number 8
Pages 569-575