A national approach towards humane vertebrate pest control

This discussion paper is based on a facilitated workshop, held in August 2003, to pursue a recommendation for the urgent development of a national strategy to improve the humaneness of vertebrate pest management. The need for such a strategy arose from discussions at an RSPCA Australia seminar on the issue of humane vertebrate pest control, held earlier in 2003. There were 43 attendees at the workshop from a diverse range of stakeholders representing all relevant State and Federal organisations.

The workshop considered that a national approach towards humane vertebrate pest control would provide uniformity across jurisdictions, opportunities for collaboration and coordination of control efforts, and lead to the development of nationally acceptable pest animal control practices. A key goal of this approach would be to optimise research, development and education resources and identify national priorities for increasing the humaneness of vertebrate pest control. It would reflect and connect with existing strategies such as the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS), which promotes the development and use of humane and effective control methods for pest animal control.

Secondary title Discussion paper arising from the proceedings of an RSPCA Australia/AWC/VPC joint workshop
Author Humane Vertebrate Pest Control Working Group
Date 04/08/2003
Year 2004
Place published Melbourne
Institution RSPCA Australia
Region Australia - national
Documents A national approach towards humane vertebrate pest control: Discussion paper (400 kb PDF)