A survey of mycobacteriosis of feral pigs in the Northern Territory

Seven hundred and fifty-one feral pigs from the subcoastal plains of the Northern Territory were examined. The sample population consisted of 52.4% females and 47.6% males. They ranged in age from newborn piglets to mature animals of over 72 months. Of the pigs examined 47.7% had macroscopic abscesses and of these 80.2% were probably caused by mycobacteria. Tissues from 193 pigs were examined bacteriologically and 93 strains of mycobacteria were isolated.

Author Corner, L. A., Barrett, R. H., Lepper, A. W., Lewis, V. and Pearson, C. W.
Year 1981
Secondary title Australian Veterinary Journal
Volume 57
Number 12
Pages 537-542
Region NT
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