An assessment of habitat manipulation as a fox control strategy

The main objective of this project was to determine if habitat manipulation has the potential to be used as a viable fox control strategy in agro/urban environments. This method of control was proposed because control options are limited at the urban agricultural interface due to risks associated with the use of poisons. Broadly, the project aimed to determine if there were any resources in the system that were selected or favoured by foxes that could be manipulated and converted to a less favoured state. To determine this we needed to: · characterise the seasonal diet of foxes in this environment and determine if any food resources could be manipulated. · Characterise the home range size and habitat use of foxes in this environment to determine if foxes select specific habitats.· Determine what habitats can be manipulated and suggest what effect such control may have on fox populations. The following report is based on the work we conducted to determine what resources could be manipulated. We were unable to get to a stage of manipulating the actual resources due to difficulties associated with collecting the data on resource selection by foxes, and time shortages towards the conclusion of this project.

Author White, John
Year 2003
Publisher Deakin University
Pages 30
Notes electronic copy held
Control method Habitat modification
Region VIC
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