Animal Pest Alert – Ferret

The Ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the wild European Polecat (M. putorius). It is often considered as a subspecies (and furo added to the scientific name) because it has been domesticated for hundreds of years. However, the Ferret and Polecat are genetically the same species, able to breed together and produce fertile young.

The Ferret is not native to Australia, but the domesticated form is kept here as a pet. It has the potential to establish wild populations in Australia and become a pest.

Contains information on identification, distribution, pest potential and risk management.

Author Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
Date null
Year 2008
Publisher Government of Western Australia
Department Department of Agriculture and Food
Pages 4
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN No. 5/2008
Region Australia - national

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Ferret: pest animal alert