Australia’s Pest Animals: New Solutions to Old Problems

Introduced pest animals cost Australia’s primary producers hundreds of millions of dollars. Rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, carp and feral goats and pigs all damage our agricultural and ecological communities – yet many of the animal species that have become pests in Australia were deliberately introduced last century. We are still fighting to fix problems caused by wrong decisions all those years ago.

Why were such mistakes made? How can we prevent the introduction of additional pests? How can we better manage the damage caused by the pests we already have? This book addresses these issues and provides a past and present overview of Australia’s pest animal problems. It is largely based on the BRS guidelines for managing individual pest animal species including rabbits, foxes, feral goats, feral pigs, rodents and feral horses.

Author Olsen, P.
Date null
Year 1998
Place published City
Publisher Bureau of Resource Sciences
Institution Bureau of Rural Sciences
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national


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