Behavioural patterns of possums and cattle which may facilitate the transmission of tuberculosis

The main aim of this work is to investigate behavioural factors in possums and cattle that may facilitate transmission of tuberculosis between and within these species. The study site is part of a commercial sheep and beef cattle farm in the Wairarapa, with a long term problem of TB in the cattle. Investigations include: observational studies of possum and cattle behaviour – specifically interactions between animals, particularly on the bush-pasture margin, investigations using radio-telemetry to determine (i) activity areas and use of the site, by both possums and cattle and (ii) the extent and direction of movement of any possums dispersing from the site.

The following chapters describe results from radio-triangulation studies, behavioural observations of natural activity in the study area, and an experimental study of interactions between sedated possums and cattle in a confined area. Final summaries and conclusions follow.

Author Paterson, B. M.
Thesis type MVS
Year 1993
Secondary title Veterinary Science
Place published City
Publisher Massey University
Pages 207
Notes Notes
Region NZ