Control and Management of the Red Fox in Victoria

This report includes papers and a summary of discussions from a workshop on “Control and Management of the Red Fox in Victoria”, held at the Arthur Rylah Institute on 3 May 2000. The broad aim of the workshop was to update natural resource policy makers, land managers and researchers on recent achievements and directions in research and management of introduced predators, with particular emphasis on foxes. The workshop also provided a forum to discuss the issues pertaining to integrated fox management and to begin developing a framework for dealing with these issues in Victoria, ideally as part of a broader south-eastern Australian initiative. The workshop broke new ground by looking at fox control primarily from the perspective of biodiversity conservation. Participants reinforced the need for fox control to help restore populations of various wildlife species, especially those of medium-weight mammals such as bandicoots, potoroos and quolls. They also pointed to the need for better co-ordination between public land managers, community groups and private landholders, as well as learning from experiences in other states and adopting an experimental approach aimed at ‘best practice’ management. Participants called for the development of a strategic approach for determining land management and research priorities for fox control and the instigation of formal systems for measuring and reporting progress. Effective control of foxes in eastern Australia will not be a simple matter. It will involve close integration of research, on-ground management and monitoring and will need to involve community groups at both a local and bioregional scale if it is to succeed. To gain wide acceptance and long term support, it will need to be able to measure and demonstrate a tangible benefit to biodiversity assets, rather than just focus on reducing the abundance of foxes. It will also need to be able to refine priorities and actions through continuous improvement based on targeted research and monitoring and formal review and reporting of progress. This will be a great challenge, but a very worthwhile one with huge rewards.

Author Friend, G., Fisher, P., Loyn, R. and Robley, A.
Date 03/05/2000
Year 2001
Secondary title Control and Management of the Red Fox in Victoria: Workshop Proceedings
Place published Conference Location
Publisher Department of Natural Resources and Environment, V
Pages 45
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Region VIC