Do we need a new vertebrate pest control ethic?

Simple utilitarian principles do not allow for a clear definition of ‘general good’ in the arena of ecological management. By giving the ecosystem a moral status, a justification, limitations and scope of intervention in the ecosystem can be better defined. Intervention should only be considered if it is believed that such action will have a benefit in maintaining the dynamic processes of the ecosystem. Our actions to manage vertebrate pests for ecosystem management should be limited to those activities, which can be justified in being beneficial to the ecosystem in maintaining its dynamic processes and thereby protecting all other species, and non-living components, which naturally occur within it. All forms of intervention should, as far as possible, seek to minimise pain.

Author Marks, C.A.
Date 27/03/1996
Year 1996
Secondary title 'Humaneness and Vertebrate Pest Control' , Proceedings of the Seminar held 27th March 1996
Place published City
Publisher Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Pages 16-19
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Region VIC