Domestic dog attack on sheep, Talaheni ACT

WARNING: Some viewers may find this image upsetting.
This series of images depict an attack on sheep on a property near Hall, ACT by domestic dogs in August 2007. The first sheep found mauled was still alive when it was found by the landholder. The first dog was found near the site of the mauled sheep with blood around its mouth, caught and moved to a cage. A second boxer dog returned to the site and was also captured. A third dog was seen but got away. On further inspection of the stock on the property several more sheep were found with evidence of dog attacks, including a dead pregnant ewe found floating in a dam. The captured dogs were handed over to the local council and subsequently put down. They were microchipped and their owners fined. Attacks such as this illustrate why people need to take greater responsibility for their pets, especially in rural areas.
Image supplied by John Ive.
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Author John Ive
Secondary Author John Ive
Date 19/08/2007
Year 2007
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