Effect of a synthetic lure on site visitation and bait uptake by foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and wild dogs (Canis lupis dingo/Canis lupis familiaris).

In the United States the use of organic and synthetic scents to lure coyotes to control
points has been well documented with work undertaken in Australia identifying the potential use of synthetic lures for canids under local conditions. The benefits of synthetic scents include extended shelf life, batch-to-batch uniformity, capacity for
large-scale production and convenience of handling.

Field trials were established with bait stations containing unpoisoned commercial fox
bait (Fox-Off®) being alternately treated with or without an aerosol delivered synthetic canid lure to identify any preference for site visitation and bait uptake by wild dogs and foxes. Application of a formulation of Synthetic Fermented Egg (SFE) to the surface of bait stations significantly increased site visitation by wild dogs and foxes when compared to the use of buried commercial baits alone.

The increase in bait uptake by foxes to SFE treated bait stations was highly significant when compared to bait uptake at untreated stations, although this effect diminished with time, possibly due to the use of non-lethal baits leading to the discovery of all bait stations and the habituation of animals to sites of reward.

Bait uptake by wild dogs, although limited, occurred only at those Fox-Off® bait stations treated with SFE and was statistically significant. The utilisation of an aerosol
based canid lure allowed the volatile ingredients of SFE to be kept in a stable medium whilst ensuring an easily administered and consistent dose was applied safely by the operator.

In collaboration with Australian Wool Innovation Ltd, this experimental formulation of SFE has now been developed for release as a commercial product in Australia, under the trade-name ?FeralMone?TM.

Author Rob Hunt, David Dall, & Steve Lapidge
Date 04/07/2005
Year 2005
Secondary title 3rd NSW Pest Animal Control Conference
Place published Conference Location
Pages 4
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Region NSW
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