Evaluation of the 2002/2003 Victorian Fox Bounty Trial

This report presents an evaluation of the 2002/2003 Victorian fox bounty trial. It has been prepared primarily as a discussion document for policy advisors, regionsal Pest Plant and Animal Program Leaders, Catchment Management Officers and Catchment Management Authorities. It presents an analysis for the bounty trial based on the available data at the time of preparation and scientific evidence from the literature.

Author Fairbridge, D. and Marks, C.
Date 01/01/2005
Year 2005
Place published City
Publisher Vertebrate Pest Research Unit
Department Primary Industries Research Victoria, Department o
Pages 27
Notes Notes
ISBN/ISSN ISBN 1 74146 415 3
Control method Bounties
Region VIC
Links https://nla.gov.au/anbd.bib-an40196100
Documents Evaluation of the 2002/03 Victorian Fox Bounty Trial   [650kb PDF]