Feral buffalo and Judas buffalo

Locating feral buffalo from a helicopter with the aid of a Judas buffalo, in the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. The Judas buffalo wearing the white radio-collar was tracked down with directional radio-receiving equipment. The pilot located the buffalo by flying in a straight line towards the source of the radio signal. He knew when he was directly over the Judas buffalo because the radio signal disappeared briefly as a result of the configuration of the directional antenna. The signal reappeared as the chopper continued on. The pilot then looped around and spotted the buffalo, which up to that point could not be seen in the dense vegetation.

The second image is of a hard-to-see group of six feral buffalo including a Judas buffalo, in the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. Judas buffalo are an important aid to finding buffalo in this habitat. The buffalo are often hidden by dense vegetation, and this group probably would not have been spotted – in centre of photo – if the Judas buffalo had not been there to indicate its presence.

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Author Dr. Robert Henzell
Secondary Author Robert Henzell
Date 03/04/1993
Year 1993
Secondary title Henzell13.jpg; Henzell14.jpg
Edition Jpeg
Place published Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Institution Animal and Plant Control Group, SA
Pages 300 dpi
Control method Judas Technique
Region NT