Giardia intestinalis in North Island possums, house mice and ship rats

G. intestinalis [G. duodenalis] cysts were detected in faeces from 12.9% of 124 brushtail opossums (Trichosurus vulpecula) trapped in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, the Wairarapa and Wellington (all in New Zealand), in faecal material from 61.0% of 77 ship rats (Rattus rattus) from areas of Auckland, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington; and in faecal material from 25.3% of 182 house mice (Mus musculus) from the North Island of New Zealand. Opossums and rodents in forested areas of Auckland and Wellington city water catchments were infected. The role of wild animals in maintaining and spreading Giardia in New Zealand is discussed.

Author M. R. Marino, T. J. Brown, D. C. Waddington, R. E. Brockie and P. J. Kelly
Year 1992
Secondary title New Zealand Veterinary Journal
Volume 40
Number 1
Pages 24-27