Guidelines for planning carp fishing competitions

Many fishing and restocking clubs already host fishing competitions for native fish species and have a strong  understanding of what is needed to successfully run these events. There are several important differences in hosting competitions for carp, primarily because carp is a declared pest or noxious species. This guide aims to highlight these differences and provide some ideas to make carp competitions more effective and enjoyable.

In recent years, growing environmental awareness has led to a rise in community activities aimed at supporting or recovering the local environment. Carp fishing competitions are seen as a fun, hands-on way for members of the public to help reduce the high numbers of this pest fish and its destructive impact on inland waterways. High-technology methods such as electrofishing (by trained personnel) are certainly more efficient at reducing carp populations, but they do not provide the community with a sense of involvement.

This guide will be a useful reference for any fishing club or other organisation considering hosting a carp fishing competition. It includes scientific knowledge of the habits and ecology of carp and the most efficient ways to target them. It also includes advice from experienced fishing competition organisers on how to plan and run a public event. Examples and advice are provided on how to successfully combine these two sets of sometimes-conflicting ideals. A workbook is attached at the end.

The guide explains how to set the objectives of a competition, and how these objectives influence many other aspects of planning, such as the site, timing and size of the event and likely sponsors and prizes. It provides advice on public event advertising, permits and insurance, catering, entertainment, registration systems and crowd control. The aim is to maximise the fishing competition’s effectiveness against carp while ensuring a safe and enjoyable public event that everyone will be keen to do again.


Guidelines for planning carp fishing competitions (730 kb PDF)


PestSmart Toolkit for carp:

Secondary title PestSmart toolkit - carp
Author Andrew Norris
Year 2011
Place published Canberra
Publisher Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre
Institution Invasive Animals CRC
Department Freshwater Products and Strategies
Pages 58 pp
ISBN/ISSN Web ISBN: 978-1-921777-31-8
Control method Fishing
Region Australia - national