How you can help predict the next big mouse plague

Single mouseA moving blanket of mice on the ground, in houses and buildings, running out of sheds and eating their way through crops. It’s not just the stuff of nightmares but reality for anyone living in the grain growing regions of Australia when a mouse plague hits.

The good news is that we are getting better at monitoring mouse activity and predicting when a plague is likely to occur. This means more timely and better targeted control so damage can be minimised.

You can help do this by being our eyes and ears on the ground and dobbing in a mouse! We need people in the grain growing regions of Australia to record mouse activity – both presence AND absence. Your data helps people in your area see what is happening and will be used to improve forecasts of mouse plagues. The more people involved, the more data we have and the better the information & predictions will be.

If you can help, log on to on your smartphone, tablet or computer and start recording! You will be helping our farmers get on top of mouse plagues and can add ‘Citizen Scientist’ to your resume!

Download the FeralScan Pest Mapping app to log mouse activity on your smartphone (iOS only for now but Android to come).

You can also follow @MouseAlert on Twitter.