Immunocontraception of captive exotic species. I: Przewalski’s horses (Equus przewalskii) and Bateng (Bos javanicus).

Over 45 Mio years of evolution the horse developped to a high specialized animal in anatomy, physiology and behavior. No other animal had influenced the economic and cultural history of men in such extend. Hunting prey since the icetimes, domesticated 4000 B.C. and used for thousands of years as unique animal all over the world has acquainted a new role today as partner in sport, as companion animal and even as cotherapeut. The well known behavioral demands in use and keeping are still often not fulfilled.

Author Kirkpatrick, J.F.; Zimmermann, W.; Kolter, L.; Liu, I.K.M.; Turner, J.W. (Jr.)
Year 1995
Secondary title Zoo Biology
Volume 14
Pages 323-329