Import risk analysis: Babesia gibsoni in dogs ( Canis familiaris ) and dog semen

This document is a review of submissions on a MAF risk analysis on the blood parasite Babesia gibsoni in dogs, which was carried out by MAF in 2002.

Babesia gibsoni has been identified as a potential hazard in the generic cat and dog import risk analysis that is currently being undertaken by MAF, and since approximately 70% of dogs imported into New Zealand come from Australia, the recent occurrence of clinical cases of B. gibsoni in Australia lead to a need for a separate risk analysis to determine whether safeguards were required immediately.

Author Biosecurity Authority
Date 10/01/2003
Year 2003
Secondary title Review of Submissions
Place published City
Publisher Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, NZ
Pages 108
Notes Notes
Region NZ