Improved Management of Exotic Aquatic Fauna: R&D for Australian Rivers

This report presents the findings of a project to review R&D requirements concerning exotic aquatic biota and their significance in the improved management and monitoring of Australian inland waters. The review forms part of a portfolio of studies commissioned by the land and water resources research and development corporation as part of the the “River Processes and Management Program”.
The aim of the study is to develop an assessment of issues concerning exotic fauna in Australian freshwater ecosystems. A report will then be provided, that is suitable for publication, on the topic of exotic biota in Australian freshwater ecosystems, presenting a summary of problem species, economic and environmental costs of their presence in Australia, and a list of research and development priorities.

Author Arthington, A. H. and Bluhdorn, D. R.
Date 12/01/1995
Year 1995
Secondary title LWRRDC Occasional Paper No. 4/95.
Number LWRRDC Occasional Paper No. 4/95.
Place published City
Publisher The Land and Water Resources Research and Developm
Pages 36
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ISBN/ISSN 0 642 20609 0
Region Australia - national