Intrinsic rate of increase for a brushtail possum population in rata/kamahi forest, Westland

An estimate of intrinsic rate of increase (rm) of a brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) population was calculated from the measured increase in possum numbers after a poisoning operation with compound 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate) in Westland rata [Metrosideros umbellata]/kamahi [Weinmannia racemosa] forest. The empirical estimate of rm (0.22-0.25) was lower than published estimates for this species (0.30, 0.34, 0.59). Consequently, the control operation was effective for longer than predicted by population models that used these published values. Reasons why the rates of fecundity and juvenile survival used in other modelling studies may have been inappropriate for this population are suggested

Author G. J. Hickling and C. J. Pekelharing
Year 1989
Secondary title New Zealand Journal of Ecology
Volume 12
Pages 117-120