Knowing your responsibilities: a guide to the use of scent-trailing hounds in Victoria

Recreational deer hunting in Victoria continues to grow, and as we know, one of the more traditional methods of hunting Sambar Deer is with the aid of scent-trailing hounds (also known as hound hunting).

With an increase in the number of non-hunters using the bush in recent years and the need to address animal welfare concerns, the requirement for more education of hound hunters has been approaching for some time.

The information supplied in this booklet and the further endorsement by a test (the Hound Hunting Test) will ensure hound hunters are more aware of ethics, the legislation and expected conduct when hunting in the field. This will lead to greater enjoyment and improved behaviour when hunting.

Author Department of Sustainability and Environment, VIC
Year 2005
Place published Melbourne
Publisher Department of Primary Industries, VIC
Pages 24
Control method Recreational hunting
Region VIC