List of Exotic Vertebrate Animals in Australia (2007)

The Vertebrate Pest Committee (VPC) has assessed and categorised the threats posed by non-indigenous vertebrate mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles held in Australia under State and Territory legislation. Includes threat categories for pest potential. This list is used as a reference by these jurisdictions in controlling the entry, movement and keeping of exotic vertebrate species.

The Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage also considers this list in assessing applications to import exotic vertebrate species into Australia.

The list may be subject to change from time to time subject to VPC approval. Any comments or suggested amendments should be forwarded to the VPC Secretariat.

(Revised 2007)

Author Vertebrate Pests Committee
Date 23/07/2007
Year 2007
Place published City
Pages 33
Notes Notes
Region Australia - national

VPC List July 2007